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Rotogravure vs. Digital Printing for Mylar Bags: Making an Informed Choice

When it comes to crafting custom-printed mylar bags, the choice between rotogravure and digital printing carries significant implications. These printing methods diverge in several key aspects, including the printing process, precision and detail capabilities, cost considerations, and turnaround times. Let’s explore these distinctions to help you make an informed decision.

Rotogravure Printing: Artistry in Motion

Rotogravure printing, often referred to as gravure printing, is a process that harnesses the power of a rotating printing press. It starts with the mounting of a precisely etched printing plate onto a cylinder, showcasing your desired design. Once ink is meticulously applied to the plate, the cylinder gracefully rotates, seamlessly transferring the ink onto the surface of your mylar bag. Renowned for its ability to produce exquisitely detailed prints, complete with impeccable color accuracy and consistency, rotogravure printing is the epitome of artistry in motion.

Digital Printing: Speed and Versatility

Digital printing, conversely, employs printing presses akin to those found in your home or office. This method directly applies the image onto the mylar bag’s surface through laser or inkjet technology. While digital printing boasts a quicker turnaround and greater design flexibility when compared to rotogravure, it may not attain the same level of precision and reliability.

Choosing the Right Fit

When it comes to custom-printed mylar bags, the selection between rotogravure and digital printing hinges largely on your specific needs and preferences. Rotogravure printing excels in high-volume orders, where the setup costs are more justified (typically requiring a minimum order of 10,000 units per design). In contrast, digital printing shines when dealing with smaller quantities (less than 10,000 units) or when your designs necessitate frequent alterations and adaptations.

Ultimately, the decision between rotogravure and digital printing for custom-printed mylar bags should align closely with the project’s unique requirements. Each method presents distinct advantages and limitations, making it essential to consider the specifics of your endeavor.

Your Partner in Custom Printing

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