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Unboxing The Brand

With 5C's Farms

Embracing Arizona’s Legacy with a Modern Twist

Unboxing The Brand with 5C’s

5C’s Farm embodies the essence of Arizona’s heritage with a modern twist, akin to the craft breweries of the cannabis world. Rooted in authenticity and quality, they offer a refreshing departure from luxury brands, paying homage to Arizona’s traditional 5Cs: Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, and Climate. Align Print embarked on a journey with 5C’s Farms from the outset, collaborating to create materials and designs that set them apart in the competitive market.

We’ve crafted two videos showcasing their operation and our role in enhancing their presence in the local market, along with a full tour of their brand new facility.

Key Highlights of Our Collaboration

Custom Packaging Solutions: Tailored packaging that reflects the unique brand identity of 5C’s Farm, enhancing their market visibility and brand appeal.
Brand Consistency: Developing a cohesive brand image that truly reflects 5C’s Farm’s values and mission, ensuring consistency across all platforms.
Marketing Materials: Providing a comprehensive suite of marketing materials, from promotional items to digital content, to boost visibility and customer engagement for 5C’s Farm.


Brand Launch 🚀


5C’s Farms

What We Did

Custom Packaging Solutions, Brand Vibe, Digital Design, Promotional, Video Production

Client Spotlight

Watch Full Facility Tour

Unique Designs & Custom Packaging

Unboxing 5C’s Packaging

Arizona Landscape

Inspired by the beautiful state of Arizona, we were tasked with incorparating an Arizona themed design with a modern twist.

Custom Die Cut

At Align Print, whatever you can imagine, we can package. Every project is unique and our approach to 5C’s packaging was just that… Unique…

Embossed Logo

Stand out by adding specialty finishes or treatments. 5C’s decided to go with our popular embossed logo for an unforgettable tactile feeling.

Window Insert

Show off your products with a custom window insert. Nothing about your product is ordinary so show it off with you packaging.

Elevating 5C’s Farm with High-End Social Content

At Align Print, we go beyond conventional packaging solutions to elevate brands through storytelling and striking content. Our collaboration with 5C’s Farm extends into high-end digital design and professional videography where we leverage our video production and creative expertise to amplify their brand presence.

Behind The Scenes Photos